3T-CL-SM Label Sleeving Machine

Equipment production efficiency: 300-600 bottles/min
Feeding roller of single shrink label
Microcomputer automatic control
Automatic detection, automatic positioning
Rapid label changing, saving labor
Precise label cutting position


Electrical appliance specification
SCLT-300/600 is label sleeving machine with low and medium speed, but adopts same class PLC, positioning module, servo motor and inverter as high speed machine, humanized operating touch screen.


Applicable sleeving bottle types:
All kinds of bottle types, e.g., round bottle, square bottle, flat bottle, curve shape bottle, cup type etc.


T-300 technical parameters:
Input power4.5kw
Input voltageΦ3,380/220v AC
Production efficiency600-720 (bottle/min)
Machine dimensionL2400*W1200*H2400mm
Applicable bottle dia.Φ28-95mm
Applicable label length30-200mm
Applicable label thickness0.03-0.13mm
Applicable inner dia. Of paper tube5’-10 (free adjustment)


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