CL-SM 2110 High Speed Round Labeling machine

Stainless steel 304 combined with high quality aluminum alloy;
Imported advanced servo motor, fast speed, high positioning accuracy;
All electric eyes are imported high-grade;
PLC and man-machine interface control, easy operation;
Adjustable labeling position;
Conveyor height can match with the height of production line.


Product description:
Apply to cylinder-type container in food, pharmacy, chemical, electronics, metal and other light industry, especially for various container types and small order quantity, this machine is the best choice. It can improve capacity, container appearance quality, and reduce labor waste.
Applicable for glass, plastic bottle and other cylinder object, taper abject needs to be tailored;
Inkjet printer is optional and high speed hot stamping steel character printer need to be tailored;
It can work separately or connect with production line.


Optional equipments:
Transparent label monitor
Coder printer
High speed hot printer


Consume material:
Self-adhesive label
Timing belt
Synchronous belt
Ribbon, steel letters


Technical parameters:
Machine size2000*1300*1400mm
Labeling speed20-200pcs/min
Object height30-280mm
Object thickness30-120mm
Label height5-140mm
Label length10-300mm
Labeling accuracy±1mm
Scroll inner diaφ 76mm
Scroll outer diaφ 300mm
Power supply220V,1.5KW,50/60hz
Machine weight250Kg


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