CL-SM Linear Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine

Technical parameters:


Equipment NameFull automatic linear hot melt glue labeling machine
Brand of main motorTaiwan
Servo motorSIEMENS
SensorSICK Panasonic
Touch screenSIEMENS
Voltage380V±10%(can be tailored)
Labeling typesingle round label(only for standard round bottle)
Applicable bottleround bottle φ40-85mm, height:80-250mm
Gluing methodRolling gluing(10mm on each end of label)
Capacity8000-12000bottles/hour(for 500ML bottle type)
Air consumption0.2M²/min


Linear hot melt glue labeling machine:


1.Easy adjustment of label cutting blade.
2.Vacuum label suction drum is made of high hardness material; fold handlers can reduce the friction of label, anti-static.
3.The replacement of the compatible parts can be finished in 10 minutes.
4.The blade position can be adjusted by manual accurately and conveniently.
5.Vacuum label suction drum and the label cutting structure is made of special wear and heat resisting material.
6.When the length of label is changed, the automatic adjustment knob can automatically adjust the I-MARK position.


 Equipment characteristics:


1.Adopt wheel type labeling.
2.Label feeding from label roller will be labeled along the label feeding wheel.
3.The sensor automatically detects the I-MARK when label passing by label feeding wheel.
4.Once the electronic eye position is confirmed, the demodulator will automatically adjust the operating speed of the label feeding wheel, and then specify the correct cutting position.
5.Label is cut by cutting structure through feeding wheel, then feed into the vacuum suction drum.
6.Bottle is arranged properly by star wheel,and the glued label will be applied the first time labeling at the roller area, then complete the whole labeling process under the working of synchronous belt.


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