CL-SM Rotary Hot Melt Glue(OPP) Labeling Machine

Technical parameters:
ModelCL-SM-8TR   CL-SM-12TR
Capacity6000-24000b/h(for 500-600ML bottle type)
Machine sizeL 2200mm * W 1800mm * H 2000mm
Maximum label feeding speed150meters/min (stepless speed adjustment)
Label scroll sizelabel scoll inner dia. 152mm,outer dia. 600mm, height 200mm
Labeling pastehot melt glue applied only on ends of the label
Gluing temperature120-160 ℃
Labeling product typesuitable for labeling plastic, metal, glass etc. container in round, oval, square or other shapes
Label typeOPP film label, paper label, paper plastic composite label etc.
Bottle diaφ 40-90mm
Power Source380V 50Hz
Air consumption<0.15m³/min
Working noise<75db
Weight about 2300-3000KG

Main characteristics:


1.Applicable for OPP, pearl film, composite paper, etc. material labels labeling on drinks, mineral water, beverage, washing and food, etc.
2.Applicable for labeling on plastic, glass bottles and tins with different shapes, such as round, oval, square.
3.Full-automatic high speed labeling production process, instead of the low efficiency of manual labeling production methods, improved the production efficiency, so as to improve the product market competitiveness. Adopts OPP film and other new environmental protection material, maximize reduced the production costs,saving more than 30%. At the same time, the use of new environmental protection materials is a trend of packaging industry.
4.The advanced gluing method, combined with the characteristics of environmental protection type hot melt glue, achieved the perfect glue labeling effect. Only gluing at the ends of the label and maximize reduced the glue consumption, cost saving.
5.Due to the usage of non-shrinking label material, the printed content on the label will not deformed after labeling, ensure the beauty of packaging.
6.The machine obviates the heat shrinking tunnel and other high energy consumption process, energy-saving.


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