CL-SM Rotary Paste (Cold glue) Labeling Machinery

Product description:
This series of bottle labeling machine consists of conveyor belt, bottle-in screw,bottle in and out star wheel, bottle in and out guide plate, bottle turntable,bottle pressing turntablel, brush device,label box device, label feeding device, the gluing device, gluing pumps, pneumatic system and electrical system, etc. With the characteristics of compact structure, reliable operation, low noise etc. Because of the variable frequency control, the speed of the labeling machine can be adjusted in the range of  3000-18000 bottles/hour. Mainly for these customers which their products have lots of types and higher output, can save lot of lavor costs and improve the market competitiveness of products. This equipment is the best choice for these customers.


Product Application:
The production capacity of these machines is moderate, suitable for liquor, beer, rice wine, soy sauce, beverage and other small and medium industry. The labeling location can be selected according to customer's needs, such as head labeling,neck labeling,body labeling,dorsal labeling. And various shaped bottle labeling machine can be customerized according to customer's needs, such as square bottle, flat bottle, oval and other special-shaped bottle. Widely used for wine, beverage, condiment industry.
Technical parameters:  
Main modelCL-SM6-3-3 CL-SM12-8-6 CL-SM18-8-6
Production capacity3000-18000 bottles per hour
Labeling typealuminum foil head,neck, body,back label
Applicable bottle dia50-90mm
Applicable bottle height150-300mm
Main machine power3.0KW
CL-SM Rotary Paste (Cold glue) Labeling Machinery


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