CL-SM Rotary stickers Labeling Machines

Product description:  


Rotary sticker labeling machine adopts mechanical and electrical integration technology, using strong torque stepper motor or servo motor, and the Japanese photoelectric control device,power protection device and other advanced systems.Therefore have start buffer function, high overall sensitivity,low speed and high torque, stable speed,stable working voltage,strong anti-interference ability and other technical ensure a accurate, stable, reliable and high efficient labeling machine.


Scope of application:


Applicable for labeling round plastic bottle, glass bottle of similar containers in pharmacy,food,light industry,daily chemical and other industries of round plastic bottles,glass bottles,etc.The machine can automatically complete bottle separating,label feeding,synchronous sharing of labels,micro processing loop control system,touch type man-machine interface, can apply 1-4 labels at the same time on a variety of shapes of bottles (more suitable for the taper-shape bottle or bottle with one round label).


Machine model:
Production capacity
5000-24000 bottles/hour
Applicable label
According to the actual situation
Applicable bottle height
Applicable bottle dia
φ 35-95mm
Applicable label height
Total power




1.PLC control,reliable and accurate label gripping and appling, simple and reasonable man-machine interface control.
2.The rotary structure of bottle supporting plate is compact and reasonable, the operation is more stable and durable.
3.The use of suspension spring bottle pressing structure reduces the impact of the bottle pressing process and the operating noise.
4.The upper-type of bottle pressing cammechanism reduce the swing of main axis, really improved the labeling accuracy,and reduce the loss rate of label.
5.Independent double label stations( four label stations), independent double gluing stations, can greatly expand the range of bottle labeling,
6.After many years of continuous improvement and update, the rigidity and transmission system of whole machine can adopt two ways of the cam type fixed-point labeling and synchronous belt fixed-point labeling.
7.The height of bottle pressing can be adjusted, greatly expand the using scope for customer.
8.Finish the debug of whole machine in one step, customer just need to install exchanging parts according to bottle type, convenient, reasonable.
9.All stainless steel work table, fully meet the food packaging industry standards.


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