CL-SM Single-sided Paste (Cold glue) Labeling Machinery

Product description:
It applies to the cylindrical container labeling. It’s mainly used in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, pesticide and other industries. Use paste labeling glue as adhesive, the latest gluing method, to eliminate the glue overflow from the bottom of the glue box, increased the range of choices of glue. Most of the labeling adhesive can be used.
Easy to make ready for a variety of bottles and labels shared in one production line. Convert from one bottle to another bottle and label, just need to replace some parts, the main replacement parts: sub-bottle screw, labeling belts, roll sponge, label-taking drum and so on. What type of parts needs to be replaced is depend on the size of the bottle and label.


Technical parameters:
Labeling speed40-100pcs/min
Conveyor speed6-60m/min
Carton widthΦ30-120mm
Carton height35-320mm
Power supply380.220,50Hz
Working circumstance temperature0-50℃
Working relative humidity15-90%
Machine working noise≤80dB(A)
Place surface roughness±10mm
Machine dimension(L*W*H)2400*1100*1200mm
Label length50-220mm


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