SCL-C-240 Full-automatic Cans Packing Machine

 Product Description
The machine adopts PLC and touch screen control, man-machine dialogue, operate easily. Serve motor drive, precise positioning. Converter precisely adjust the conveying speed, cooperate stably. Automatic lane separation make the cans precisely alignment in every lane, the foam filled automatically, when the foam is lacked the machine will alarm prompt. Automatically detects the quantity of cans and the location of cartons,if cartons are not in the right place,cans will not be pushed. When cans fall or lack, it will alarm automatically(When cans fall, it will switch the suspended state to ensure the safe operation). Unfold cartons detection, when the cartons unfold failed, the machine will shutdown automatically; when the cartons are lacked, the machine will alarm.


Product Characteristics
1.Using PLC and colored touch screen to control the man-machine dialogue, display the running state. I/O detects alarm location,and prompts solution.
2.Servo motor drive, faster speed, precise positioning, stable performance.
3.Full automatic switching function, to achieve 24cans/20cans/16cans one button switch, more time-saving, more intelligent.
4.Mechanical transmission mechanism, more stable, lower failure rate, faster.
5.Independent negative pressure, carton suction more stable,air pressure requirements reduced, work efficiency improved.
6.Automatic lane separation mechanism, no phenomenon of cans stuck.


Technical Parameters
Packing Speed17~23 cartons/min
Can Size240ml cans,dia.φ53mm Height133mm
Carton SizeL320*W217*H138mm
Machine Power3Kw
Machine SizeL3500*W1500*H1800mm
Machine Weight1500Kg


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