Label Sleeving Machine-Steam Shrinking Tunnel-Steam Generator

Equipment production efficiency:100-350 bottles/min
Feeding roller of single shrink label
Microcomputer automatic control
Automatic detection, automatic positioning
Easy label changing
Precise label cutting


Applicable sleeving bottle types:
All kinds of bottle types, e.g., round bottle, square bottle, flat bottle, curve shape bottle, cup type bottle etc.


Main Technical Parameters:
Power SourceAC 220V, 50/60Hz, 5KW
Machine SizeL2100* W1000* H2000mm
Labeling Speed100-350 bottles/min(according to the length of label)
Diameters of bottleφ 35-90mm
Applicable label length30-180mm
Applicable label thickness0.04-0.13mm
Applicable inner dia. of paper tube5'-10 (free adjustment)


Steam Shrinking Tunnel:
The new type steam shrinking tunnel, the heat shrink efficiency is greatly improved and shrinking more smoother, according to the different and irregular round, square, flat etc shaped bottle, its adjustment and maintenance is more convenient. Steam jet method using sub-drum design type, smooth pipeline does not occupy a space, the outlet each side is divided into three sections, the high or low, front or rear and the air volume of each section can be adjusted to achieve the perfect shrinking. Low-pressure steam sub-drum adopts the design of seamless steel pipeline, each connecting pipeline using the stainless steel hose quick connector, the disassembly and installation are convenient. The entire machine housing is made of stainless steel and heat preservation, not only save energy, and in line with international safety standards. At the bottom, the stainless steel water tray concentrates condensate water, can discharge by connected to the pipe, and the working environment will not be affected. The box with windows, the front and rear each two. The whole machine adopts waterproof design, which is made of stainless steel and is easy to operation and maintenance.


Technical Parameters:
Input Power Supply of BlowerAC 220V, 1.1KW
Input Power Supply of Generator180V / 50Hz
Working Pressure≤0.1Mpa
Steam Consumption10-20Kg/h
Size of TunnelL2300* W400* H450mm
Transporting Speed0-35M/min


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