PE Film Shrinking Wrapping Machine

Suitable for such products as pop-too cans,glass bottles, beer, mineral water to automatic shrinking and packaging.Applicable for PE end PVC shrink film.Depending on customer needs,the  completely belts may be designed as axle type or mesh type,Large parts may also complete shrinkage packaging within a short time.


Technology Feature:
This is a fully automatic production line integrated with such process as automatic conveying, feeding, sealing,cutting and shrinkage,For large collectively counted case (box or con)packaging,it is preferred to encase with PE or PVC shrink film before shrink package.We can also design straight-line or 90 rotational drive as required by customers propulsion lines.The electrical units are chosen from international famous copanies such as:SICK,NORGREN, MITSUBISHI and so on.The packaged goods is neatness,suitable for long transport.


Main technical parameters:
 ModelBSZ-12(full automatic)
 Machine DimensionL6500mm*W3800mm*H2200mm
 Shrinkage Tunnel DimensionL1800mm*W650mm*H450mm
 Max Package DimensionL600mm*W400mm*H350mm
 Packing speed8-12(pcs/min)340mm
 Transfer Belt Width 
 Work Voltage / power380v 20kw
 Work Air Pressure0.6-0.8Mpa
 Air Consumption500NL/min
 Total weight1600kg


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