SCL Automatic Packing Machine

Product description:
SCL automatic packing machine makes the whole packing process easy and accurate. First the bottle is grabbed going up, moving, landing by four connecting rod mechanism, and combine with the pneumatic and electric control to realize the automation, motor coordination, stable motion, accurate. It can improve production efficiency to save labor costs. The entire process is controlled by PLC.
According to customer’s different products,customized different packing ways, to make customer satisfied.


The packing machine is a kind of full-automatic packing machine, high speed dispensing device packaging various kind of containers,like round oval irregular shaped plastic bottles and various sizes glass bottles and so on, and also apply with baffle packing.
1 according to the packing requirements, can automatically arrange the products.
2 wide applicable scope, applicable to a wide range of product packing.
3 especially suitable for supporting use of packaging line, move conveniently.


Box-transporting device
The device conveying box by the hinge type flattop chain, and the flattop chain is running by the gear motor. Its role is to enter the empty box into the machine, the bottles are loaded into the box, and then the box output the machine. According to the number of boxes, the empty boxes are grouped sent to machine,the empty box groups into the bottle-in position will stop for bottling,and then the box that is loaded into the bottle is quickly sent out of the machine.
Bottle-grasping device
This machine bottle gripping device, is the use of pneumatic grab head, through the compressed air (0.20~0.25Mpa), grasp the head capsule deformation holding the bottle, the exhaust scratching capsule recovery, open the bottle, scratching his head, into the exhaust is composed of a two position three way electromagnetic valve control. The machine head gripping component, take the wedge structure special, and the compression spring, when abnormal situation, grasp the head up.


Special advantage: labor costs, high degree of automation;
B.according to different bottle shapes can be easily adjusted,can be applied to a variety of product packing;
C.Automatically detect whether the packing is full;
D.when the bottles and boxes are not in the right place,the bottle, box and machine will not be damaged;
E.the grasp head adopts aluminum structure, so the weight is light, the strength is high.


Technical parameters
Equipment Type(L*W*H)VACKWHMpa
SCLZ 3001500*1300*2100φ3,380/220VAC3KW360boxes0.75Mpa
SCLZ 4501500*1300*2100φ3,380/220VAC4KW600 boxes0.75Mpa
SCLZ 6002000*1300*2100φ3,380/220VAC5KW1000boxes0.75Mpa

Adaptation:28 bottles the minimum bottle diameter is 51mm, 38 bottles:the minimum diameter is 58mm;
Production capacity:(24 bottles per case basis) can satisfy 10000 bottles to 360000 bottles/hour production packing requirement (models selected according to the actual production situation).


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